Options for the Rite of Burial:

All registered parishioners and their family members are welcome to be buried from Saint Mary Parish with a funeral Mass in Church.  If the deceased did not attend Mass regularly, it would be more appropriate for a Funeral Service (led by St. Mary's Clergy) to be held at the Funeral Home.


Non-registered Catholics who live within the territorial boundaries of Saint Mary Parish are also eligible to be buried from St. Mary's.  However, if the deceased did not attend Mass regularly, we would encourage the family to arrange for a Funeral Service (led by Saint Mary Parish Clergy) at the Funeral Home (instead of a Mass at Church).


The Rite of Christian Burial will be provided for any other Catholic Christian in the form of a Funeral Service at the Funeral Home, if the Parish Clergy are able to accommodate the request.



All Funeral Masses are celebrated at 9 am in order to provide the opportunity for the Parish Community to gather in prayer and support for the grieving family.


Wakes at Saint Mary Parish are limited to one night of viewing from 7-9pm.  There are to be no viewing hours in the morning before the Funeral Mass.  If a Wake is held in the Church, the body must be taken back to the Funeral Home at the conclusion.



The donation for the Church and Music Ministry are 2 separate checks, made payable to Saint Mary Parish.  These are included with the Clergy Record  that is delivered by the Funeral Director to Parish Office.



The Funeral Director's staff will personally contact the Pastor or the Parish Office Staff to confirm the date and time of all arrangements.  Members of the Lazarus Ministry will coordinate all other liturgical arrangements with the family, the Funeral Director, and the Clergy.



Wakes may be held at the Funeral Home or at Saint Mary Parish.


If at the Parish of Saint Mary:

  • The Wake is limited to one night from 7-9pm.
  • The body of the deceased should not be brought to the Church before 6:30pm on the day of the Wake.  The Lazarus Coordinator should be informed of the time of its arrival so that the Rite of Reception of the Body can be conducted upon arrival.
  • A member of the Funeral Home Staff should be present at the Wake as the body will be returned to the Funeral Home at the conclusion of the Wake.
  • Wakes at Saint Mary's are held in the Church, unless the Church is unavailable.  The Wake is then held in the Christ Chapel of our Spiritual Center, if it will accommodate the expected number of people.


Wake Service (Vigil)

Members of the Lazarus Ministry will conduct all Wake Services, whether at the Funeral Home or the Church.  The Lazarus Coordinator will contact the Funeral Home Staff to determine the time of the Wake Service.  Saint Mary Parish provides the Wake Service materials as needed.


Note: All eulogies, personal reflections, poetry, etc. may be delivered only during the wake service (not during the funeral liturgy).


Equipment provided by the Funeral Director for Wake at Church:

  • Carriage for the Casket
  • Guest Register if the family so desires (for wake only; not to be displayed at Funeral)


Funeral Eucharist (Mass)

Note:  Please remember that our Funeral Eucharist must begin on time since other members of our Community are present for our regularly scheduled 9am Mass.

  • Upon arrival at the church, family and friends will come together in the Gathering Space. 
  • The Presider will lead the body into the Church to the Baptismal Font for the Introductory Rite. 
  • The procession will proceed up the main aisle where the family will be seated on the left side (pulpit/ambo side).
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