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Tuesdays at 10:00 am- 11:45 am Room #17
All women are invited

Join us for spiritual reading, discussion, praying & fellowship.

Facilitators take turns leading the group:

  • Sr. M. Francis Lomeo, RGS
    • (Sisters of the Good Shepherd)
  • Treasure Herman

With Sr. Fran, we read an inspirational book (selected by the group) and discuss it.

With Treasure, we use “At Home with the Word” and “Exploring”, which follows the weekly gospels and incorporates thoughtful questions for the group to ponder and discuss how this particular gospel “works” in our own lives.

Prayer time where everyone has the opportunity to offer their intentions is also incorporated.

"Wrap it up” is around 11:45 am when all are invited to go to lunch together. Spiritual Reading is a close-knit group, and everyone (new joiner or old member) is made to feel welcomed, loved & prayed for!


Treasure Herman 

Linda Dickinson-Pancila

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