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Religious Education


This program from My Catholic Faith Delivered is a full curriculum for each grade which the family completes at home with the child/ren on a weekly basis September-May. Each student record is accessible to the RE administrators, who are able to create discussion groups, track progress and generate reports on each class and each individual student. It includes attendance at intergenerational sessions for families during the academic school year. Families must be registered parishioners of The Parish of Saint Mary to participate.


 The following is information about the online Religious Education Program.

At A Glance

Overview of Lesson Structure



Completion of the Online Learning Program is passing 100% of the lessons.

The score per lesson should be no less than 65%.

If your child(ren) has not completed and passed the progrom, you will not be permitted to enroll them in next year's RE classes, but instead will have to repeat this year. If you are registered for summer, but your current online program is incomplete, then they will be moved into the summer grade that corresponds with THIS year and not next.  

Little Church Registration

Want your pre-schooler to learn more about Jesus?  Want to feel more relaxed and attentive at Mass?  Sign up for Little Church!

Little Church is a parent cooperative program for pre-schoolers (age 3-5) with a curriculum based on Bible stories.

It begins on Sunday, September 10 during 10 am Mass.  $55 tuition for entire school year.

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