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Stewardship Opportunities in the Seasons of Advent and Christmas
Stewardship- Giving of your Time, Talent, and Treasure to help those in need.

Listed below is an opportunity of Stewardship which have become a tradition over the past many years at Saint Mary Parish, Colts Neck. These opportunities of Stewardship afford you the opportunity to share your personal good fortune, good will and God given gifts with others in need through the purchasing of Christmas gifts and Christmas meals for either individuals or entire families in need this Advent and Christmas Season.

Sponsor-A-Family and Adopt-a-Family are now one ministry to avoid past confusion and will go by the name Christmas Sponsor-A-Family. This outreach has serviced the community for 15 years.

The ministry contact volunteers and co-chairs are: Sue Levine and Kathy Maher Contact either Sue or Kathy to be host family. You will be contacted with a family to sponsor in the coming weeks as agencies identify families in need.

This ministry adopted close to 70 families within Monmouth County each year. Outreach to these families was acquired through the following organizations/agencies:

• High Point School
• Aslan Youth Ministries
• Center in Asbury Park (Aids affected families)
• Families Resources Associations (children with disabilities)
• Families in need within the Parish Community of Saint Mary,
• St Mary Social Concerns Program (outreach to additional individual families in need in the community at large)

You can Sponsor a family by committing to purchase gifts for all members of a single family. Families range in size from 2 to 10 people. Gifts per member approx. value of $40-$50 per person plus a gift of food for a Christmas dinner meal or a gift card to a local supermarket. Specify the size of the family you wish to sponsor when giving you name. Two families can sponsor one large family of 8-10 people.

Delivery of gifts to individuals/families is not required. Many times gifts are picked up by participating agencies or organizations and distributed through them. In some cases, the gift giving families may arrange with the sponsored family through ministry co-chairs a date and time to deliver gifts and food. Please specify at time of sponsoring a family if you wish to deliver your gifts.

Help with wrapping and sorting gifts before distribution and gift pick-up is sometimes needed.




I am so very grateful to all those who shared so generously with the victims of Hurricane Harvey in the recent (9/2-3/17) parish collection throughout the Diocese of Trenton. Keep your prayers going!

For those who missed the opportunity or who wish to contribute personally toward Hurricane Irma Relief,..... more.....

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