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The Lazarus Ministry as a form of Christian service aids and assists families at the time of death to prepare the liturgy of Christian burial and to offer solace at a difficult time.


Typical tasks and responsibilities:

  • Visit the immediate family to assist in planning the funeral liturgy.
  • Prepare and lead the Wake Service.
  • Serve at the Funeral Mass.
  • Participate in All Souls Day service.


Required training or skills: An orientation meeting to explain duties.


Approximate time commitment: Several hours over a 3 day period for each funeral.


Location: As required


Learn about St. Mary's Funeral Policies and Procedures

Testimonials for Lazarus


"Being a Lazarus minister is probably the most fulfilling aspect of my volunteer life.  At the time of death of a loved one, families are extremely sad and overwhelmed by all that needs to be done.  We help them through a difficult process.  They are so grateful.

- Angela Kinlin



"I attended a wake service at St. Mary's many years ago and was so moved.  The scenario of a wake in the Church is both peaceful and prayerful.  I became a member of the ministry and feel that helping others at a difficult time is fulfilling as a Christian."

- Dolores Cirronella

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